Cancel your reservation without fees and until one hour before your arrival.

With the code you received by e-mail.

You will receive an e-mail to confirm the reservation you just did. You will also receive practical information such as the adress or the conditions of reservation.

In the chapter« Annulation » you will find a cancelation code and a link « Cancel a reservation » (find it in the footer of the website Click it and fill with the annulation code.

Once the reservation details appear : Clicq on the blue button to confirm the cancellation. The following message will appear : « The reservation has been canceled». It confirms the cancelation of you reservation.

In may account « My reservations »

You will find the following link «Cancel a reservation » in the reservation details.

You need to click on it to confirm the cancelation.

Cancellation rules

By doing a reservation in a hotel, you acknowledge having read and understood the cancelation conditions.

To get more informations, go to Terms and Condition page